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What Everybody Ought to Know About Social Media and Their Business | Ep. #020

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For your hospitality property to be competitive, social media and an online presence are imperative.

Welcome to another edition of hospitality property school. 

I’m your host Gerry MacPherson and today we are going to talk about why social media is important to your business.

The last few months I have spent many hours on my computer visiting many websites of Independent Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. The purpose was to see what sites were working and which were not.

During this research, I was surprised with something I noticed. 

How many hospitality properties do not have a social media presence and I don’t just mean on their website but no Twitter, Facebook or YouTube accounts at all.

I was also surprised to see how many hospitality properties do not have a way to collect email addresses on their websites or were mobile phone friendly.

I have asked a couple of hospitality property owners about this and was given a number of reasons such as, 

    • What Everybody Ought to Know About Social Media and Their Business | Ep. #020
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Youtube Resources

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