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The culinary art of coffee | David Schomer | TEDxRainier

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If you enjoy coffee, this talk will give you a deeper appreciation for all that goes into a great espresso experience. Follow this tantalizing story of how to tease delicate fragrances and complex flavors from coffee into your cup. Through painstaking effort and the science of accurate temperature measurement and years of experimentation, espresso has evolved into a delicious as well as precision culinary art. 

David Schomer is the founder of Seattle’s Espresso Vivace, a Seattle area coffee shop and roaster known for its high quality of coffee and roasting practices. Schomer is known within the coffee industry for his innovations, such as how he customizes his grinders and espresso machines to achieve a more constant water temperature, which ultimately leads to a better cup of coffee. Barista and coffee bar owners have traveled to Seattle from as far away as Australia and the UAE to learn from him. He is also credited with developing and popularizing latte art in the US. In 1995, he wrote “Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques,” and later an updated version “Espresso Coffee 2013.” He has also produced a video course entitled “Caffe Latte Art.”

    • The culinary art of coffee | David Schomer | TEDxRainier
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