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The 33 Strategies of War

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The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene summarized as succinctly as possible in this 24-min animation by yours truly, illacertus. I received an e-mail reply from Robert Greene after waiting an approximate three months since I sent my initial fan mail linking to these summaries, in which he says Thank You.

"The art of war is to win without bloodshed or the use of force. (Otherwise) the minimum necessary use of violence."

Part I) Self-Directed Warfare

1) Declare War on Your Enemies

2) Do Not Fight the Last War

3) Do Not Lose Your Presence of Mind

4) Create a Sense of Urgency & Desperation

Part II) Organizational (Team) Warfare

5) Avoid The Snare of Groupthink

6) Segment Your Forces

7) Transform Your War into a Crusade

Part III) Defensive Warfare

8) Pick Your Battles

9) Turn the Tables

10) Create a Threatening Presence

11) Trade Space for Time

Part IV) Offensive Warfare

12) Lose The Battles But Win The War

13) Know Your Enemy

14) Overwhelm Resistance With Speed and Suddenness

15) Control the Dynamic

16) Hit Them Where it Hurts

17) Defeat Them in Detail

18) Expose and Attack Your Enemy's Soft Flank

19) Envelop The Enemy

20) Maneuver Them Into Weakness

21) Negotiate While Advancing

22) Know How To End Things

Part V) Unconventional (Dirty) War

23) Weave a Seamless Blend of Fact and Fiction

24) Take The Line of Least Expectation

25) Occupy the Moral High Ground

26) Deny Them Targets

27) Seem to Work for the Interests of Others

28) Give Your Rivals Enough Rope To Hang Themselves

29) Take Small Bites

30) Penetrate Their Minds

31) Destroy From Within

32) Dominate While Seeming to Submit

33) The Chain Reaction Strategy

  • The 33 Strategies of War
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