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4 Ways to Improve My Visual Branding | Ep. #026

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There are four key components you should consider when you want to improve your visual branding for social media success.

Welcome to another edition of hospitality property school. 

I’m your host Gerry MacPherson and in our last session talked about choosing your visual branding. Today, we are going to continue our discussion about choosing your visual branding. 

In the last session, I had mentioned that there are four key components you should consider when you want to improve your visual branding for social media success. 

The first two were,

 • consistent colours 

• fonts 

In today’s session, I’ll talk about the next two components you need to consider. They are 

• imagery 

• layouts 


When using images make sure you stick to a consistent theme and by that, I mean the same type of look. You don’t want some images blurry for effect and then others with a red tinge. Some companies might use fuzzy edges all are images or a sun filter to give their pictures a summery feel.  I’m not going to say one is better than the other, but whatever you choose, stay with it. Even if you’re using your own photos, stay consistent with your theme. 

 I do highly encourage you to use images of your property as often as possible, but I understand that it might not be possible every time you post. If you’re going to mention attractions or things to see in your region, use those images. 

If you’re going to be customising or working on your own images, the program we use is Adobe’s Photoshop. This course is perfect if you want to turn your images into a professional photographer quality. 

 Social media layouts 

    • 4 Ways to Improve My Visual Branding | Ep. #026
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