Free Online Middle East & Arab Cultural Awareness Course

* Download the Free Resources and Course Quiz available at:

* This cultural awareness training course is a free, edited and abridged version. It's ideal for anyone who works with Arabs whether in the region or virtually. The free version does not contain the section on business culture (chapter 5) which can be accessed by upgrading via the URL above.

* If you would like to use any part of this course for training or in a professional capacity please contact Commisceo Global via the link above.

* Time Stamps for Chapters

0:00 Start
0:37 Chapter 1: Course Aims
2:55 Chapter 2: Culture
7:48 Chapter 3: The Middle East
22:26 Chapter 4: Understanding the Arab People
40:04 Chapter 6: Communication
55:55 Chapter 7: Etiquette & Making a Good Impression
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