Airline Pilot: Top 10 Things I Should've Known

As a student pilot or flight instructor, there's a lot you don't learn about becoming an airline pilot until you're doing the job EVERY DAY! While I love my job, there are a few pros and cons you should be prepared for. Here are the top 10 things I wish I'd known, or had better preparation for, before becoming an airline pilot.

The videos I produce are the first example of an airline approved, comprehensive view of becoming an airline pilot. Each video is about a specific topic, something I wish I'd learned before I started flying as a professional pilot. What do you want to learn? Leave me a comment below!

Cockpit scenes filmed under Part 91 with approval of Envoy Air, Inc.

YouTube Video Chapters
0:00 I Love My Job, But...
0:22 Commuting Is Tough
1:09 Eating Habits On The Road
1:44 Learn To Be Outgoing
2:20 Monthly Schedules Run Your Life
2:46 Know Your Contract, WELL
3:28 Staying In Shape On The Road
4:12 Flying Large vs. Small Regional Jets
4:50 Visual Approaches Aren't Easy In Jets
5:34 The Destination Isn't Important
6:05 It Can Be A Hard, Tiring Job
6:50 This Job Is All About Attitude

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