5 Ps of Strategy - Mintzberg

This video explains Mintzberg's 5 Ps of Strategy model. To bring the theory to life we'll use Apple as an example company to demonstrate the 5 Ps in action.

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Strategy Tools:
PEST Analysis: https://goo.gl/JsqSX7
SWOT Analysis: https://goo.gl/rJqzWG
Change Management: https://goo.gl/9H9gpH
Project Management: https://goo.gl/cX7Ska
Scenario Planning: https://goo.gl/JFYpij
Core Competencies Model: https://goo.gl/6MtdrT
Value Chain Analysis: https://goo.gl/p1aQqw
Porter's Diamond Model: https://goo.gl/56ZFXm
Trompenaars Cultural Dimensions: https://goo.gl/iU72hE

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