11 Hotel Channel Management Pro TiPs

In this video, we will share 11 pro tips about channel management with you. We will highlight the 

challenges of using a channel manager and more importantly, how you can optimize your existing setup.  
Now, when it comes to online distribution for hotels there is a range of complexities that come with it. You need to ensure that you have an effective and optimal setup in place to automate as much as possible to benefit most from technology-driven solutions.
When starting with an integration project, you need to identify the stakeholders and understand their responsibilities. 
Consider asking questions like –
What is your role?
What does your channel management provider deliver?
What does the PMS do?
Who is responsible in your team for maintaining the collaboration with your channel management provider?

Ideally, you should consider working with a channel management partner that helps you run your channel manager seamlessly and without any hassle.  
In addition, it is important to identify the right platform for your property. For instance, there are various platforms where you can distribute your inventory including international OTAs, a global distribution system, national or regional platforms as well as niche platforms. The best way to choose the right platform is to focus on a specific type of traveler. Access and control are critical in any Software business, especially in transactional platforms like a channel manager. The more control you have on your channel manager, the less dependent you are on your provider.  
On top of this, you need to understand how your channel manager handles booking rules and conditions but also auto-replenish when a booking gets cancelled.  
Finally, it’s important to pay close attention to your data security policies and ensure you comply with PCI and GDPR to avoid any risk to you company and to do the right thing for your guests.  
Make sure that you discuss these things with your channel management provider and optimize your channel manager for more convenience and seamless online sales.

--Timeline --
00:00 11 Hotel Channel Management Pro TiPs
01:24 Who is involved and has what responsibility in the implementation process of a channel manager?
02:37 How can I as a Hotels select the right platforms for my property?
03:58 What do I have to be aware of when integration with a new platform?
04:51 What access and control do I need as a hotel over my Channel Manager?
05:51 What Booking rules and conditions do I manage and where?
07:00 Why are there different length of stay parameters?
07:54 What is auto-replenish and why is it relevant?
08:55 How do I manage my corporate GDS rates and where?
09:47 PCI and GDPR?
10:47 Price parity, should I offer the same price on all platforms?
12:17 What is a Content API?

with Elisha Schoppig

We are a cloud-based online distribution platform with a deep-rooted presence in the hotel technology market. We empower hospitality distribution as we imagine, develop and deploy customer-driven software solutions. Our goal is, to simplify the complex distribution landscape through our systems. Our Hotel-Spider Hospitality Distribution Platform includes booking engine, metasearch (Google, Trivago, Tripadvisor), central reservation system, PMS connectivity, and channel manager. Trust your Swiss specialists to optimize your online sales with an integrated and fully automated approach.
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