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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a neuro-developmental disorder which starts in early childhood and often remains a life-long condition. Research shows that the global rate of ADHD is aprox. 5% in children – 3% in adulthood. Adults with ADHD may have issues in the workplace such as lack of time-management and priority setting, etc which can be managed by workplace accommodations. In this short video course a brief overview will be discussed, some suggestions for accommodations made and more resources offered including video links and support group contacts. This video is offered to raise awareness and understanding about ADHD, look at some of its positive features as well as give constructive advice to human resource management, colleagues and others in the workforce ideas on how to support and bring out the best in the adults with ADHD in the workforce. This information is provided by Mrs. Carola Stivala on behalf of ADHD Malta, the national support group in Malta and founding partner of ADHD-Europe.

ADHD Malta aims to support, educate, and embrace children & adults with ADHD and their families. We also offer information and guidance to educators, other professionals, and the general public. ADHD Malta offers various services for their members: online support, monthly (online) meetings, parental skills courses, kids' social smarts courses, adult ADHD coaching, counselling, specialised ADHD library, school CoPE sessions and more. Get more info and join: or email:
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*Communication: how to approach an autistic individual
*Sensory disease: the right things to notice and what you can do
*Routine: how to give help
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