Maltese are the Europeans most eager to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Author: The Winning Team
Posted Date: Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021
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EU survey finds vast majority fear getting coronavirus in future

A total 41% of people in Malta want to get vaccinated against COVID-19 "as soon as possible", the highest rate in Europe. 

A Eurobarometer survey published on Tuesday confirms that only 4% of the population over 16 would blatantly refuse to get the jab, the lowest figure across the EU. 

The survey was carried out in all 27 EU states in December. Respondents in Malta were the only ones to answer questions via telephone, the rest of Europeans answered online. 

Almost half of the respondents in Malta (45%) said they would be more eager to get the vaccine after others to ensure that no side-effects were suffered. 42% of the respondents in Malta agreed vaccines were the only way to end the pandemic. 

The high rate of interest in getting the jab was also reflected in the Maltese being the most afraid of getting COVID-19. A whopping 83% of respondents, the highest in Europe, said they fear getting infected in future. The EU average stood at 54%. 

The EU, including Malta, started giving out the vaccine on December 27. In Malta, a total of 13,002 doses were administered by Monday. The figure is slightly lower than the 13,275 doses Health Minister Chris Fearne said would be administered. 

Health authorities most trusted for vaccine information

Asked who they trust most when it comes to reliable information on COVID-19 vaccines, the majority of respondents in Malta - 62% - said the health authorities. Nonetheless, a quarter are afraid that public authorities are not being "sufficiently transparent" about the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Nine in 10 also agree that the EU is playing a key role in ensuring access to the vaccine, once again the highest rate registered.