Sunday 13 Jun 2021

MHRA REPORTS interviews Alison Mizzi and Simon De Cesare

*The tourism, travel, and hospitality online talk show, MHRA REPORTS will have as next guest speaker, Alison Mizzi President and Simon De Cesare Vice President of the Malta Business Bureau (MBB).* Th...

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Monday 24 May 2021

MHRA REPORTS interviews Albert Frendo, Bank of Valletta

The tourism, travel, and hospitality online talk show, *MHRA REPORTS* will have as next guest speaker, *Albert Frendo, Chief Business Banking Officer, Bank of Valletta.* The host of the programme, *MH...

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Wednesday 19 May 2021

Hospitality Insights Webinar | How to Create Memorable Experiences that Matter & Connect with Customers

Restaurant owners have been forced to quickly come up with new adaptations on menus, points of service, hours, delivery and takeout models that better serve their local communities just to keep the li...

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Saturday 08 May 2021

Effective Video Marketing Growth Strategies for Tourism Businesses! - Hospitality Insights Webinar

The use of video in tourism, travel and hospitality has been around already for a while. However Individual Hotels and tourism companies are still shying away from using video to reach and engage with...

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